Spark powers directory kiosks, visitor tablets, digital signage, video walls, and more. Create a professional first impression for your event centre or individual trade show with useful information, clear directions, and exciting promotions.



Control lobby kiosks, sign-in tablets, reception signage, and project tracking displays. Offer your visitors and staff key information, relevant news, framed TV, corporate branding, and more.


Theme parks, museums, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, libraries, and many more cultural institutions rely on signage and kiosks to guide, inform, and entertain the visitor experience. Spark centralizes control of these applications across the spectrum of diverse use-cases.



As campuses and curriculums become more digitized, schools are turning to student tablets, campus signage, and information directories to deliver the modern education experience. Spark hosts and delivers an institution's required information and academic content, allowing teachers to get back to teaching.


Casinos and racetracks run a diverse array of screen hardware to enhance the guest experience. This includes reception signage, cashier signage, table game screens, sports & parimutual stats boards, directory kiosks, and visitor tablets. Spark enables the custom design and central management for all these digital engagement experiences.


Restaurants, cafes, and bars use TVs, menu boards, and tablets to enhance the dining experience. Spark centrally controls all of these screens, allowing staff to deliver content like food & drink specials, menus, promotional offers, event & social media info, live television, and more.


Health facilities have a diverse array of screens to maintain: patient terminals, kiosks, signage, clinical tablets, nurse carts; even medical smart glasses. Spark controls all devices from a central platform, minimizing IT oversight and preserving precious budgets, while enabling medical workers to focus on what matters: the wellbeing of their patients.


Advertising signage, promotional signage, and directory kiosks are no longer reserved for luxury shopping experiences, but a mainstay of today's consumer experience. Spark centralizes the design, control, and delivery of advertising, special promotions, product showcasing, mall & store information, wayfinding applications, loyalty apps, dining options, upcoming events, movie showtimes, and more.



Live feeds from multiple cameras can be compartmentalized on screen and displayed on page loops.


Airports, train stations, metros, bus terminals, and many more traveler checkpoints have diverse engagement requirements. Public screens must offer retail information, advertising, dining options, transit times, site directions, personal entertainment, and more. Spark centralizes control of these diverse applications, supporting a streamlined passenger experience while minimizing the IT oversight required for large scale technology deployments.