Free sign-up

Users can sign up for a free Spark account here, to access the Spark CMS and start designing custom interfaces. There are currently no restrictions on the number of days, users, interfaces, or bandwidth usage.

Adding new users with roles

Any number of additional users can be added to an account within the Spark CMS, by going to the Users tab. Users can be assigned one of three different roles:

  • Admin (content editing, publishing interfaces, and user management)
  • Editing (content editing only)
  • Viewer (viewing only)

Publishing interfaces with paid accounts

A paid account will allow you to publish interfaces to your screens.

See Getting Started, Managing Hardware, and Billing to learn more.


A simple license

Spark does not charge by number of users, interfaces, venues, service tiers, bandwidth usage, or setup costs.

The only fee is a daily license of $1 USD / day per device (such as a tablet, television, or kiosk). Specific exchange rates may apply to your country.

Pricing for custom items

We offer custom items to support needs completely unique to your organization, such as:

  • Food Menus
  • Wayfinding
  • IPTV Systems
  • Media Licenses (ie. TV & film)
  • Hardware
  • Custom Software Integrations

These custom items are often coordinated through our trusted partner network, and you get to enjoy a single point of contact with us. Please enquire for the best custom rates.



Billing Cycles

Spark bills upfront on an annual basis, using invoicing. When payment is received, your account will be able to publish interfaces to your screens.

Read more in Getting Started and Managing Hardware.

Payment Methods

Spark currently accepts payment by wire transfer or cheque. Stay tuned for our upcoming automated credit card options.

Ordering More Licenses

Please get in touch with your Customer Support Manager or email us, and we'll be happy to quickly support your growth objectives.

Stay tuned for our upcoming automated licensing feature.