The kiosk and digital signage software industry is notorious for poor customer service. To differentiate ourselves, we’ve made Customer Success our core priority. Our support policy backs up this mission by assigning you a Customer Success Manager. This dedicated individual will be available at no additional cost to help implement, train, respond, and succeed with Spark.

Support Policy

For general queries:

  • < 4 hour response time, from 9:00 - 18:00 Eastern standard time.
  • < 15 hour response time for all other times.

In the unlikely event of a material software fault, Spark developers respond asap.

To access Customer Service, write to us here.


International support

Spark was designed from the ground up for global clients, supporting any sector, market, and language. Spark maintains personnel in Canada, the United States, and Southeast Asia, while our network of partners service many countries worldwide.

Please ask us about our frequent travel schedule. Spark team members are always on the road, visiting numerous countries and continents every 1 - 2 months to answer requests for meetings, attend trade shows, and implement new projects.

Our support policy above extends to all global clients.


Prefer a walkthrough? Before you purchase, we are happy to offer a free web demo with one of our Project Managers or Business Development Managers. Get in touch to reserve a time.

After you purchase, take advantage of training for your staff. We're happy to offer an in-depth walkthrough of the platform and screen management tips.

Design Help

Dreaming up great interfaces is one of the best parts of using Spark. If you want help designing an initial interface, we're happy to help, and for the time being it's a free service!

Coming soon, our templates editor will help you create beautiful interfaces with zero design experience.