What is Spark

Everyday we see and interact with dozens - if not hundreds - of digital displays in public places. These are tablets, televisions, video walls, kiosks, and more, which businesses use to communicate with their customers, stakeholders, and staff.

Spark is the all-in-one content management system, or CMS, for businesses to manage their public screens. A free Spark account includes full access to professional design tools and hosting, allowing you to create beautiful interfaces for public displays. A subscription allows you to publish content to your screens and includes enterprise support.

You can use Spark to build interfaces for information, promotion, entertainment, education, and much more.

First steps

  • Every Spark account begins as a free trial. It is currently for an unlimited period, where you can explore the platform, upload content, experiment with interface design, and share your progress with friends and colleagues.
  • Every account includes demo interfaces to show unique features and give you an idea of how interfaces can be styled.
  • Our Content & Design page provides information and videos on how to generate interfaces with Spark, and fulfill your unique vision.

Signing up

  • Go here to sign up for your free Spark account.
  • Use the Spark CMS to see demo interfaces and design custom interfaces.
  • Use this Knowledge Centre for helpful tips, and contact us for a live demo.
  • When you're ready to subscribe and publish interfaces to your screens, it's a software license of just $19 / month USD per screen device. See Managing Hardware for more info on how interfaces are transmitted to your devices.

Creating your interface

Start by setting the desired resolution that matches your public screen.

Design interfaces for interactive or non-interactive screens, using pages and signage loops.

Upload apps, images, and videos, and use a variety of graphical widgets.

When you subscribe, instantly transmit new or edited interfaces to your public screens.